Orit Schatzman is the designer of OritSchatzmanStore.com.
She was born and raised in Israel, is married and the mother of three boys. 

Orit graduated Art School in Haifa University, a prestigious school in Israel.
While she loves painting and sculpturing, she has designed jewelry and Judaic for over 20 years.

Being an art graduate, Orit loves to explore art books and is inspired by history and architecture. She loves museums and art galleries and visits them whenever she travels. Orit incorporates into her design work historic elements such as Byzantine, Greek and other ancient cultures.

At the same time, Orit loves fashion and is always up to date with the latest trends, colors and shapes. She goes to fashion shows and reads all the fashion magazines. She always makes sure that she is ahead of the trends.

The result is unique pieces of jewelry and Judaic that combine old and new, ancient and modern, fashion and art. Orit's jewelry and Judaic is a celebration of colors. She has a special talent of mixing and playing with colors that blend to make a stunning and unique piece of jewelry or Judaic. Orit's jewelry is like her personality – vivid, dramatic, happy and colorful.

Her Judaic is popular in the US and Europe and she has many devoted customers in these countries.

In 2002 Orit Schatzman was nominated as one of the ten best business women in Israel. This nomination was in the presence of members of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament).

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All models are designed by Orit Schatzman.
Our jewelry and Judaic is made of sterling silver 925 or from metal plated with silver, and a setting of crystals.

Our products are made by hand in Israel and are individually and carefully examined at each stage of its production.

Each piece features a special and unique stone setting with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.
Note: new pieces are frequently added to the site in line with the latest fashion trends.
Every product has a wide variety of styles, from the 'classic tailored' to the 'ornamental' look.

We have many years of experience in the Judaic market. Our Judaic is characterized by a bold look, lightness and high quality. Every model is a piece of art with a unique style, colors and stones.

Our company is based in Israel but we ship and trade world-wide.

We will be happy to answer any questions by email or phone.
For wholesalers and shop prices please contact us