Storm at sea

An oval-shaped piece made of sterling silver, found in the depths of the blue, decorating the walls of the sunken city of Atlantis with its Swarovski crystals. Its large opal core soaking in the magic of the city for thousands of years causing an alluring glow to grow from within. The kind of piece that will make its wearer feel like the world is her kingdom, like she sits on Atlantis’ throne.


Orit Schatzman 925 Silver Line is a jewelry line made by Orit Schatzman.

This line is made through a process of electroforming where each piece is individually and carefully examined and handcrafted at each stage of production.

Orit Schatzman has developed a unique stone setting with special and rare semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

The jewelry is characterized by a bold look, lightness and high quality.

Every piece is a work of art, made by hand with unique style, colors and stones.

Orit Schatzman Store is filled with jewelry for every occasion and everyday use.

All of the jewelry creations are made by hand in Israel and designed by Orit Schatzman.



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